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Forever Middle Child. If you can’t see me, I’m either lost in a book or wandering my world.

The bookish traveler who’s a little bit weird

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Hello out there! My name is Keara Lou! If you’re not sure how to pronounce my name, remember this. The word ear is in the middle of my name. Lots of people get it wrong on the first try, so don’t worry! …

It was better than I expected

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When I think of Book Clubs, I think of The Simpsons. I couldn’t tell you what episode, but there’s a clip where Marge is running a book club. She holds up the book and asks why nobody read it.


“Date night.”

Some of the other excuses, I don’t remember…

I’m Getting Tired Of Looking At “Travel” Instagrams

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I mentioned many times before the only reason I keep Instagram on my phone is to look at the pretty pictures. Sometimes, I see gorgeous images of places I visited and others on my travel list. …

And let the answer be your guide

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A few months ago, I went on my favorite Facebook group, Women and Enbys of Medium. If you haven’t been on there yet, go. It’s easily my favorite group full of writers supporting one another.

I’m often on there asking for advice and input. Especially when I want to make…

Waiting For The Winners Of The MWC Challenge Is Making Me Shiver With Antici…

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I don’t know how I did it, but I somehow managed to make a story for the MWC this summer. Unfortunately, I only wrote one story. …

It’s a huge step compared to where I used to be

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Yesterday was an interesting one. My partner and I went to another town to get things, grocery shopped, and looked for dinner.

The kids said they wanted to make BLTs for dinner tomorrow. I’m not the biggest fan of BLTs, so I had the idea to make potato soup. I…

What happens when you put off taking care of your mental health for too long?

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Since I first heard about the book, I’d been on a search for Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine. I can’t tell you why this book attracted me to it when I first heard about it. Maybe because, at the surface, the main character sounded relatable?

Either way, when I walked…

But you need to read them to fight censorship

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How is it I went to the end of the week without mentioning Banned Book Week? I feel like a disloyal book fan!

But here we are. There aren’t many days left until the end of Banned Book Week, and I’ve been silent. …

And other questions I’d get asked when people learn I used to live abroad

Posing at the Beijing zoo. Circa 2019

When you live abroad and have to come home, the first few months are hard to adjust. However, you have a conversation starter every time you meet someone new.

When you live in a country that looks polar opposite to the US, such as China, you can raise a few…

For starters, I’d stop being an idiot

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I read too many articles of people claiming they made big money on their first try, and I thought it’d be easy for me too. So I started writing until my contract in China expired, and then I went home and started a career writing.

Two and a half years…

Keara Lou

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